Bravethinkers are doing a survey to gather information on the Age at which domestic appliances are replaced. The data is collected anonymously, and will be used purely for the purposes of researching the average and variation of appliance ages in the UK Market. The aim is to provide this data to appliance manufacturers with the sole purpose of making appliances last longer (which will benefit us all). Please help us by forwarding this to as many family, friends and colleagues as possible and ask them to complete it. Together we can make a difference!
Question Washing Machine Fridge / Freezer Cooker / Oven Dishwasher Dryer
When did you last replace this appliance?
What sort of product was the previous appliance?
What brand was your previous appliance?
How old was the previous appliance when it was replaced?
How often did you use it? Not Required Not required
Why did you replace it?
What happened to the previous appliance which you replaced?