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This site is a photo diary of many years of work building my 5" Gauge Alice class quarry Hunslet to the Don Young design, and my progress to date building a John Milner 7 1/4" Hunslet.

I Chose the 5" Hunslet first because I wanted a large and powerful locomotive which could negotiate tight radius curves, but I still wanted something which I'd be able to lift and transport in the back of my car. I had initially looked at building a 7 1/4" gauge John Milner Hunslet, but I felt that it was just too heavy to manage (although I've now decided to build that too!)

All the castings and drawings for the 5" version were purchased from Reeves, and I bought the boiler from Western Steam who I can highly recommend - they also have a picture of my boiler on their website! The 7 1/4" version was also based on Reeves design

I didn't use any laser cut parts for the first loco, having decided that it would be more satisfying to manufacture everything the old fashioned way. However, with the benefit of experience I can thoroughly recommend using laser cut / Water jet cut parts where you can get them, as it saves a great deal of time! Many of the components on the 7 1/4" Hunslet have been either laser or waterjet cut. I have been using a company called Precision Waterjet for cutting, and I can recommend them thoroughly. Incidentally, I have dxf drawing files for many components for sale in my shop, which you can use to get parts cut, or alternatively,  I can quote to have the parts cut for you.

There are lots of photos which I haven't published, so if there is anything you are particularly interested in, then please let me know. I hope you enjoy the site, and please do get in touch if you are building a Hunslet in any scale!

Ben Trenchard