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I have several projects under my belt now, and am currently constructing a 5" and 7.25" gauge railway in my back garden. I have completed a 5" gauge Hunslet to the Don Young design (see the construction diary pages), and I am currently building a 7.25" gauge Hunslet to the John Milner design. I have also designed a 1/3rd scale Ffesiniog railway 2 ton slate wagon which is constructed using laser cut plate work and 3D printed wheels / Axleboxes and brackets, and plan to do a design for a 3 ton version. I am also building a 16mm DJB engineering Linda.

I have built a Reprap 3D printer which can print 3D objects in ABS. I am using it for prototype work, and hopefully to produce pattens for sand casting components in the future. I have experience in CAD (2D / 3D), and have provided CAD drawing services to other Model Engineers in the past.